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Advances in Dermatologic Surgery: Articles 31-32

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  • Nonablative Laser and Light Therapy: An Approach to Patient and Device Selection
    Skin Therapy Letter: Volume 8 • Number 4 • April - May 2003
    Abstract: Nonablative laser and light therapy is a relatively novel modality for the improvement of the visual appearance of photodamaged, scarred, and injured skin. A number of different wavelengths and devices have been purported to be efficacious for the delivery of nonablative therapy. Among the features that can be addressed are red spots and telangiectasia, pigmentation and lentigines, and fine rhytides. A major attraction of nonablative therapy is the very limited downtime after each treatment. Patients can continue their daily routines while benefiting from the cumulative effects of skin rejuvenation.   |     Full Article ...

  • What’s New In Hair Transplants?
    Skin Therapy Letter: Volume 8 • Number 3 • January 2003
    Abstract: As hair transplant surgery has evolved, combinations of micrografting and minigrafting have enabled physicians to produce ever more natural combinations of both. A wide range of men and women can now receive significant aesthetic benefits from hair transplants. In recent years, practitioners have further refined hair-transplant techniques to ensure that the hairs available for transplantation are used most efficiently. Specifically, methods of harvesting hair, preparing grafts, creating recipient sites, and placing grafts are designed to permit the maximum percentage of hairs to survive and thrive after transplantation. Careful planning, close cooperation with the patient, and a staged surgical approach can also result in hair conservation and optimal cosmesis.   |     Full Article ...

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