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Advances in Dermatologic Surgery: Articles 16-20

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  • Combining Chin-Jowl Implants With Local Anesthesia Facial Rejuvenation
    Skin Therapy Letter: Volume 10 • Number 6 • July - August 2005
    Abstract: Mandibular implantation is an outpatient procedure that can be used in combination with other minimally invasive cosmetic interventions. Specifically, silastic chin implants can help create a strong chin and smooth the jawline in carefully selected patients. A standard surgical excision tray plus a few additional simple instruments are required, and a variety of commercially available implants are available for placement via an intraoral or submental approach. Meticulous technique minimizes the small risk of nerve injury and numbness. Chin-jowl implants may be preceded by neck liposuction and immediately followed by a face-lift to achieve overall facial enhancement.   |     Full Article ...

  • Surgical Techniques for Scar Revision
    Skin Therapy Letter: Volume 10 • Number 4 • May 2005
    Abstract: Patients frequently seek cosmetic improvement for existing scars. While no scar can be completely erased, dermatologic surgeons can employ a variety of approaches to achieve more esthetically pleasing scars. Classification of a scar abnormality guides the choice of treatment technique. Lasers and injectables are useful tools; however, for certain scar abnormalities, scalpel-based surgery remains the mainstay. This review focuses on common incisional surgical methods for scar revision.   |     Full Article ...

  • Twelve Technical Strategies to the Perfect Surgical Scar
    Skin Therapy Letter: Volume 10 • Number 3 • April 2005
    Abstract: In an age where our patients are becoming much more cosmetically sensitive, patients often express significant concern over scars that will be left in visible anatomic locations. With the progressive aging of our "baby boomers", Canadian dermatologists, family physicians and surgeons are being faced with increased demands for skin biopsies and surgical procedures to treat skin malignancy and disease. Achieving an excellent surgical result while managing disease can be a daunting task when the basic surgical principles we were all taught have been lost to time and the perpetuation of poor surgical habits that were adopted from others. Here are a few strategies that can help to improve your scar outcomes.   |     Full Article ...

  • The Surgical Correction of Protuberant Ears
    Skin Therapy Letter: Volume 10 • Number 2 • March 2005
    Abstract: While prominent ears are considered a sign of good fortune in the Far East, Western society looks upon prominent ears in a far less positive manner. Children with prominent ears are often the subjects of verbal and at times physical abuse by their peers, resulting in adverse psychological effects. Advances in otoplasty have made it possible not only to "pin back" the ears, but also to reshape them, reduce their size, or make them more symmetrical. For a dermatologic surgeon, an otoplasty may be an unfamiliar surgical procedure, however, the surgery itself does not significantly differ from ear wedges or cartilage removal procedures for skin cancer, procedures with which the dermatologic surgeon is quite familiar.   |     Full Article ...

  • Clinical Use of RESTYLANE®
    Skin Therapy Letter: Volume 10 • Number 1 • February 2005
    Abstract: There is no ideal filler, nor will there be a single product that can satisfy all requirements. However, RESTYLANE®, a non-animal, stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA, Medicis), is a very versatile augmenting agent. It has been in clinical use for 8 years and experience has shown it to be close to the ideal filler in many respects. This review will outline the background to the use of RESTYLANE®, and will focus on the clinical use of this material.   |     Full Article ...

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